Hi, I have a question on splitting traffic before ...
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Hi, I have a question on splitting traffic before assign users to AB Testing. The setup is, I want to run AB testing on a certain percentage of users for risk management. I see there is a config in an AB Testing setup screen. the
Percent of traffic included in this experiment
. Can I use this setting to to setup my experiment? For example, I set the traffic percentage to be 50%, does it make my A/B splits to be 25%/25% of the overall traffic?
yes, that is correct
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thank you!
and the another question is, when should Callback event should be triggered? if the callback is triggered whenever a user see a feature, we’re going to include only users who see the feature to metrics calculation. Meanwhile, when the callback is triggered when users visit app, it will include all users who are using the app to metric calculation. which way is more practical way to do?
I think trigger when users see the feature make more sense, because we can see how many users see the feature we’re testing. But it will not cover all app users. And I think this can be fixed by running many experiments at the same time.