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09/16/2022, 10:06 AM
Hi everyone! We need your help with metrics: What the problem: when we created new metrics, that take data from a custom data source (this datasource was founded on Amazon Athena) we see the results, who have the biggest difference with a true result (when we used SQL script for calculated some metrics directly in AWS) For example: • count distinct bets: in datasource, whose connected in Growthbook and have 100% info about exp(2000000 bets for every exp_group, calculated metrics GB give us 25-30% (500000 max for every exp_group) • turnover has the same situation We researched GB SQL query for every metric, but didn’t find the problem - changing conversion params on page “Behavior” didn’t help Maybe someone has a similar case and can help us?
we found the problem, it was because of Conversion Window - how we can delete him from GB? We can’t change him in UI- give an error


09/16/2022, 12:27 PM
What error is it giving? You should be able to change the conversion window in the metric behavior settings.


09/19/2022, 7:21 AM
@future-teacher-7046 We found the problem again - we use datasource with aggregate on a date (not timestamp) because it is more comfortable for us, but growthbook doesn’t understand this format and we must rebuild our datasources( Anyway, we don’t need Conversion Window in 99%(and other params) of our metrics, and if you have a possibility to make this params optionality (or all step ‘Behaviour’) it really will help us