Hi again! Quick question: is there any way to stra...
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Hi again! Quick question: is there any way to stratify the random assignation using a variable different from the one used to randomise? Let’s say we want to randomise by
, but keeping the same proportion of users from each
in each of the variants. Is this something Growthbook allows out of the box? Otherwise, is there any easy way to implement this on top of current GrowthBook randomisation process? Thanks a lot! cc @little-cpu-3178
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Our SDKs don't support that right now. We only hash together the randomization unit and experiment id to determine the variation. In theory, as you gather more data, the visitors in each country should be evenly split, but we don't have anything to specifically enforce that.
If you do implement your own randomization process from scratch for this, as long as you are able to get the assignment data into your database, you can still use GrowthBook to analyze the results.
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