Metric 1: users that buy (purchases, binomial) Met...
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Metric 1: users that buy (purchases, binomial) Metric 2: product revenue (sum) Metric 3: duplicate of metric 2, with 1 addition: use denominator: metric 1) Now, in the results, the denominator matches metric 1, but the numerator does not match Metric 2. Am I missing something?
Hi Jules
The numerator is not matching? 909 and 915 - or do you mean it should use the revenue instead?
I'd expect RPU to be Product Revenue / Users that purchase. The Users match, but the Product revenue doesn't
@future-teacher-7046 would be able to help better, I’ll let him know
Are all of the metrics selecting from the same table?
The revenue query uses a 2nd table in the DWH to fetch "official" revenue
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with x as ( select .. from GA4 left join DWH using(transactionid) )
select user, timestamp, value from x
I then used: duplicate metric And selected a Denominator (users that purchase)
@future-teacher-7046 I found the error, it's on my side.
We send/use "transactionid" on 3 events, and I used the timestamp of the first one, not the "one with the event name purchase" - so the timestamp >= clause was leaving the users out sometimes. A few milliseconds can make the difference.
Thanks for allowing me to show the SQL in the interface. It's all neat and tidy now.