Hi everyone. Is there a way to specify different c...
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Hi everyone. Is there a way to specify different conversion start time instead of the experiment exposure time? Standard experiment results query has this:
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CAST(e.timestamp as DATETIME) as conversion_start,
But what I’m trying to achieve is having conversion_start date to be different from the experiment exposure date. Namely, I want a delayed conversion start so that I can calculate retention (which is visiting the app 7 days after experiment exposure). So that the user is considered converted if they logged in on 7th day after the exposure. Maybe there’s a more proper way to go about this?
Yes, you can set a conversion delay in the metric behavior settings
For that example, you would set a 168 hour conversion delay and then a 24 hour conversion window.
Great. I remember seeing something like that. Great, pretty much solves my problem.
Thanks, Jeremy!