Hi GrowthBook team, Why should i choose GrowthBoo...
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Hi GrowthBook team, Why should i choose GrowthBook ?
Hi Hari,
Both are good platforms - we both use similar statistics
the biggest difference is that GrowthBook uses your own data warehouse/store and stresses transparency and flexibility. So you would connect to your data source and then define the metrics you want to test against, which can be anything you can query.
We also give full transparency all data we generate - so if you have a data team they can do further exploration. We even let you export as a Jupyter notebook
The other side, and VWO might have this, been a while since I looked at it - is that we have integrated feature flags
You can self-host GrowthBook if you like as well
like a comparison chart?
ya that will help me a lot to understand and decide faster
May be you can include factors like cost etc too
oh, okay, the pricing for an org of that size would be negotiated
message has been deleted
happy to make a custom report if you have other factors you are considering
also happy to give you a demo
Sure @fresh-football-47124 Let me go through the table once and get back to you in a while
Monthly tracked users
some kind of traffic based billing
i see
can we have one quick demo? @fresh-football-47124
yes, sure thing
are you free now?
yes @fresh-football-47124