Does the `Experiment Auto-Update Frequency` settin...
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Does the
Experiment Auto-Update Frequency
setting also apply to the numbers calculated for Dimensions in the Experiment Result section?
Dimensional breakdowns of experiments are not automatically run
They can be manually refreshed using the ‘Update data’ button when viewing that dimension
Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing for now - just wondering if I missed out any setup
The dimensional breakdown is something my stakeholders really love to see, so if they can be automated that would be great (although I can see how it can explode the number of queries…)
Is there a way to trigger it through an API?
we are building the API currently, we don’t have that support in the initial version, but I can add it to the list for the v2.
Yes, the number of queries gets very high, which is why it’s not automatically run
perhaps a button to refresh all dimensions would help?
Yes a button to refresh all dimensions would help too, that would make it a lot easier for our users here