Thanks for such a nice and easy to use product! I ...
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Thanks for such a nice and easy to use product! I have a couple comments from myself and my team: • Is there a reason overrides cannot work unless features are "on"? I originally set a feature flag to "off" and an override of
if (admin) return true
and it does not work. So I ended up turning on the feature flag but having it return
and then the override works. It would be more intuitive to me to have the override always work. • Is there plans for allowing additional metadata alongside the feature flag boolean? • I saw in some GH issues that multiple environments is coming; is there an ETA on this? It would be nice to have multiple environments beyond just dev and prod. • Is there any plans for a feature flag streaming service such that feature flag states are updated to all connected clients without a refresh?
Hi Kacey. To answer your questions: • The global environment toggles act as a kill switch. So if something breaks with a feature, it's one place to completely turn it off. If we leave override rules always active, there would be no easy way to turn everything off quickly. • For additional metadata, we kind of support that now using other data types like JSON for your features. Is that what you're looking for? • Multiple environments should be coming within a week • No plans currently for a streaming service
Hi Jeremy, thanks for the quick response!
• I can get behind that, global kill switch was how I assumed it was meant to be used. • Can you point me to where I can specify they custom JSON types for features? I did not see it as an option. • Awesome! I will let my team know. • This is a nice to have so no biggie. I saw Harness feature flag's service has it as a feature but I think we can build this in house with GrowthBook too
When creating a feature, you can specify the value type. By default it's a boolean on/off value, but you can choose number, string, or JSON as the data type.
The SDKs all have methods for getting the value of a feature as opposed to just checking if it's on or off