I've found a bug in Metrics: If I try to edit the ...
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I've found a bug in Metrics: If I try to edit the query in Query Settings, which is made using the query builder, and hit "Save", my query is replaced by the auto-generated SQL query. I then have to edit the metric again and specifically select the query builder. Also, the "User Type Supported" seems to reset when this happens. I would assume the SQL query should be identical to the query I built with the query builder? See the attached the recording for an example.
Ah, I think I know what's going on. The SQL input is getting auto-populated with a default value and that takes precedence over the query builder settings.
We were considering deprecating the query builder entirely in favor of just the SQL input. I'm curious to know what things you prefer about that input method.
Ahh, that makes sense. Raw SQL would work well also, but it would be nice to have syntax highlighting and auto-completion rather than a vanilla
input field.
I'd have a look at dune.xyz's SQL editor for inspiration