I would also love to make it straightforward to se...
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I would also love to make it straightforward to separate the metrics themselves from the rest of the
file (esp. the data source settings) - I'm imagining we'd want to back the metrics themselves in a git repo (but without secrets like what's in the data sources), and eventually I'd imagine we'd want to integrate a more general metrics layer like dbt is building.
ya, this is something we're planning
We do support environment variables in config.yml, so you don't need to commit secrets to version control.
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      user: ${POSTGRES_USER}
      password: ${POSTGRES_PW}
do you have a metric layer currently? do you use the dbt one?
One data scientist started spinning up something home grown, but we're likely to start using dbt's once it's a bit more mature (we're just starting a transition to using dbt at all)
but we aren't heavily using a metrics layer at this point.
thanks Jeremy! Will implement the env variables so I can push this to a repo 🙂