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02/25/2022, 5:27 PM
Hi! I'm testing out Growthbook as part of a Data Hackathon at Gusto. I am enjoying testing it out so far, as I think in principle it's a pretty good fit for our stack and use cases. One of the things that's different about B2B companies is that we can have more than one entity ID we randomize over for logged in users - we have some experiments/feature flags that operate at the user-level, and others that operate at the client-level (a Gusto customer can have many users, and, for example we probably want payroll admins at a given company to all have the same experience when running payroll). It would be great to be able to customize multiple different "user id columns" for use in experiments and metrics. From what I'm seeing so far, I can sort of fake it by choosing the right ID in the Experiments query (we already have a way of doing this), and then defining
user_id AS user_id
for user-level metrics and
company_id AS user_id
for client-level versions of metrics. But it feels hacky and I'm imagining could easily confuse non-technical users.


02/25/2022, 5:30 PM
Hi Daniel. Multiple identifiers is something we want to support directly in the future. We've seen some teams get around this issue by defining separate data sources for each identifier. So there would be a "User Id" data source and a "Company Id" one. Each would have it's own set of metrics, also based around those ids. When adding an experiment, it prompts you which data source you want to use.


02/25/2022, 5:31 PM
oh interesting
I could probably whip that up pretty fast in the config.yml 🙂
thank you!