I see there is an "android" Java/Kotlin interface....
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I see there is an "android" Java/Kotlin interface. Is there one just for plain old standard Java? Alternatively, is the source for the Android library available (I was going to take a look to see how hard it would be to de-Androidify)?
The Java version is mostly finished. We haven't written documentation yet, but I think it's published on Maven central already. It shares the same code base as the Android SDK - https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook-kotlin
Thanks! For some reason I can't figure out, while I can add
implementation 'io.growthbook.sdk:GrowthBook-jvm:1.1.1'
to my build.gradle, and it gets downloaded, I then don't seem to be able to import it -- I might be doing something very silly, but (famous last words) I'm using several other libraries correctly. A complete demo using this would be useful (I imagine such a thing will come in time!)
Update: It came to life. I played around a while, I think I had to import kotlin?