Hi, I’m new here :innocent:, but have been reading...
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Hi, I’m new here 😇, but have been reading a lot in the docs (and the website) as well as a video demo presentation by Graham and Jeremy. Great stuff! I see some differences in the SDKs though. I’m using the Kotlin/iOS SDK. To me, it seems like there’s no option to update client attributes once the Kotlin SDK is initialized? My use case is: 1. User is not signed up yet - attributes only includes device information 2. User signs up / logs in. Attributes must be updated with various user properties. Most of the other SDKs have the option to
Again, great project. I’m confident that my team and myself will be using this in the near future. 👍
Hi Andrey, welcome. Thanks for the kind words. Let me take a look
It looks like that method exists inside the gbcontext but its not exposed publicly. I've opened a ticket.
Thanks Graham, I’m playing around in a fork atm. Your issue tracking is not github issues?
oh, I mean with the developer working on that
ya, I can make a public one if you want to follow along