Heya, when you initiate an experiment on the clien...
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Heya, when you initiate an experiment on the client side with useExperiment does this act in isolation with any experiments configured in the backend. E.g. splits weightings etc...?
hi Moss, by isolation, do you mean will a user get put into experiment 1 on the client, and also experiment 2 on the backend?
if I'm understanding it correctly, they use the same experiment definitions (the json object) so are aware of eachother
If you run an inline experiment with the SDKs, it will use the exact parameters you pass in. If you change the weighting within the growthbook UI, it will have no effect.
So let's say I have this:
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const { value } = useExperiment({
      key: "new_logo_test_V3",
      variations: [0,1],
    }); @
If I also have an experiment config with the key of new_logo_test_v3 will it use the weightings of the configured test or just do a 50 50 on the test defined inline.
It will just use the default 50/50 split defined inline. If you want to use remote configuration to change weights from within the growthbook UI, you can do that with feature flags and the
hook instead.
Does the use feature flag result in the trackingCallback still getting fired. Was seeing that on the useExperiment call but not on the useFeature call.
if the flag has an experiment rule, it will fire the tracking callback