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01/26/2022, 9:54 AM
Hello everyone, I’m attempting to self host Growthbook on a GCP compute engine. However, instead of setting up Mongodb in a separate container (as is configured in the docker-compose), I would like to use an already existing postgres database and simply point to it instead. Is this possible to do? Or is using mongodb a requirement?


01/26/2022, 10:08 AM
Currently the internal systems of GrowthBook run on mongo, and it's required (though it can live anywhere). We don't support postges yet- though we did build it in a way to allow this in the future. Is it mongo that's a problem or do you want an option to export data back to your postgres?


01/26/2022, 10:17 AM
Hey thanks for the rapid response. So instead of having both the database and the web app hosted on the same compute instance, I would like to separate the two and host the database on CloudSQL instead. Its just a bit more robust that way since cloudsql provides database backups, and if one of the two crashes, the other one wont be affected. Unfortunately mongdb is not supported on CloudSql so that is why I was hoping for a postgres solution
But I realise there are other options of hosting Mongodb separately, so I will look into that! Just wanted to make sure postgres was not an option before ruling it out


01/26/2022, 12:19 PM
We recommend using MongoDB Atlas for production.
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