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Hi Mahesh. GrowthBook requires you to have an event tracking and data source already in place. For example, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, or Segment + Snowflake.
When instantiating the GrowthBook instance in the SDK, you pass in a
function. In there you would track the event with whatever system you are using
So the SDK never communicates with directly. Instead, you track events into your data source and then queries the data source to pull out data and analyze the result
Got it @future-teacher-7046, this helps a lot. So I would need to add the trackingCallback: attribute to the new Growthbook call
and then events will be sent to that service specifically, when I call
Is it possible to configure the snippet to use my own PostgresSQL as a data source?
(i.e., how do I send events from the snippet to my PG?)
There are a bunch of event tracking libraries and services you can use that can write to Postgres. Jitsu, Segment, Fivetran, Rudderstack, FreshPaint are some
Ok @future-teacher-7046: I think I misunderstood the scope of the Javascript SDK. It is more clear now.
Thank you so much for your help.