Is the window.GROWTHBOOK_CONFIG definition on clie...
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Is the window.GROWTHBOOK_CONFIG definition on client side optional?
i.e. I don't have Segment, Mixpanel etc. set up
so assuming I should still be able to run my experiments
Without a tracking callback, the experiment would run, but you would have no way to know how it's doing.
GrowthBook does not do any event tracking and relies on you having some sort of analytics system set up already.
ok so it's the tracking JS which populates the db tables
I hven't evern setup ab tracking before so apologize for basic questions
yes, that's correct. So if you are using MySQL for example, you would have code in your trackingCallback that adds a row to MySQL that includes a user identifier and which experiment/variation they saw.
Then, you would also need to add additional rows to MySQL for conversion events you care about. For example, when someone purchases something.
makes a lot of sense
thanks, was wondering how does the app know anything about my data model
Event tracking is pretty hard to build yourself from scratch, so we recommend using a tool like
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