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@future-teacher-7046 @fresh-football-47124 Do you have any plans to provide more significant reports on the experiment ->result section? Let me give you an example, Lets say I am running my experiment with multiple metrics and I want to know actually which groups or sub-groups are doing particularly very Good or very Bad. The sub groups can be anything , Like age-range, country/region etc. I know that I can segregate the results using custom dimensions, But what I want is that GrowthBook to provide me those extra insights that I may have missed or didn't know.
Yes, we plan to auto detect heterogeneous treatment effects and surface them on the main results page. I don't have a specific timeline for that feature yet, but it's high on our priority list.
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Interesting. I would assume you’ll compensate for the fact you’re doing a lot of (sub) tests then? Something like Bonferroni correction but then in the bayesian way (not sure how that works 😉 )
ya, we have a few ideas around that.