One more question to set things up. Everything is...
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One more question to set things up. Everything is implemented now but none of the metrics are showing any data. We're using Mixpanel as a data source. There is;t too much documentation on how to do this, so I'm happy to add the documentation to the open-source repo once I figure out how to get it all working as expected. Created a service account for the connection. I'm not sure if I have set everything up correctly but it does say connected so I'm assuming this part is 👍
Next, I created a bunch of metrics in GB.
Nothing seems to be coming in, it's been a few days and I can confirm that we have had conversion events fire in the system. So I'm sure it's not working, as opposed to we just don;t have any events yet.
When I create a metrics I am assuming I add the name of the event in Mixpanel to the second setup screen here...
In terms of the events. name, casing, spacing, etc, my understanding is that I should just be copying this verbatim from Mixpanel. For example...
This is what I did. Am I doing it correctly?
Next, I tried copying the query into JQL directly to see if it would return any results or hints to fix the problem...
This just returned "Your query returned no results." is the JQL sandbox in Mixpanel.
There were some syntactic grumbles though...
Was I not meant to copy the query in, or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?
That's as far as I've got. Any help to guidance to get things running from here would be much appreciated.
In your data source settings, what did you put for the page view event name? And is that event being fired in mixpanel?
Just checked. It was "Page View", which is incorrect, just updated it. Was that likely the issue?
When I refresh the metrics on the metrics page/tab data now shows up. It works! Whoop 🙌 But the experiment result still show no data 😔
even after you update the results?
are you self hosting?
The variation ids in GrowthBook don't match the ones being returned by Mixpanel. On the experiment "Info" tab, if you click the "Edit" button, you can change the variation ids. It looks like in Mixpanel the ids are
, but in GrowthBook, they are set to
right now.
It's supposed to show a helpful warning message for this, but looks like that's broken right now for Mixpanel. We'll fix that today.
Updating this fixed the issue. Thank you so much.