:wave: Hello, team! i’m confused about setup. With...
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👋 Hello, team! i’m confused about setup. With a feature configured like this, the resulting feature output JSON is
{"model-name": {"defaultValue": "vm_small"}}
. Shouldn’t that include a specification for staging override?
Hi Catalin, welcome. Each environment has its own endpoint - are you sure you're grabbing the JSON output from the right one?
nope! I figured that there would be a per-env endpoint. Couldn’t find that in the docs
been command-F-ing around the react docs and getting started guide. could you point me to where it’s specified how to format the URL?
I saw in one example that you specified
under the attributes, so that made me think “maybe there isn’t a URL per env but it should do the filtering based on attributes like w other rules”
you can find the end points in the implementation instructions - so either from that page, top right -> and click on "show implementation", then click on "full implementation example"
or you can see it from the feature listing page, click on "show setup steps" then "view instructions"
yep got it
thank you so much
and for the 5s reply
or its: <https//c|http&gt;s<url>/api/features/<env key>
ya, no problem