Hi all, is there a way to limit team member privil...
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Hi all, is there a way to limit team member privileges on modifying/disabling production-enabled feature flags? I'd like to invite our whole organization to GrowthBook so that anyone can view and comment on experiments. However, I'm a bit worried that with increasing number of users we have an increasing risk of unintentional edits in feature flags with immediate effects in our service. It seems that the current roles only concern Experiments and general admin stuff - does any of the roles also restrict Feature editing?
There are no permission controls for features currently. We plan to add fine-grained access control for features, but that's a big undertaking. Maybe we can do something quickly in the meantime and work feature permissions into our existing roles.
Sounds good! Feature permissions in existing roles would be well-enough for our use case (e.g. a developer can toggle production features on/off while a designer cannot)