Hi, I saw that it is possible to import experiment...
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Hi, I saw that it is possible to import experiment data from our data source to growth book and run analysis over it Currently, we store assignments in below format We have a param defined for each experiment and it's value decides the variation the user will see For example, a param named
with values
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autoid, experiment_id, experiment_name, exp_time, exp_input, user_id, params, created_at
31208178753, 316, referral_ntu_growth_constructs, 1646089188, {"user_id":"f34834c1-5a1a-4439-b1e3-e4fa223da478"}, f34834c1-5a1a-4439-b1e3-e4fa223da478, {"attribute_experiment_result":"gamma"}, 2022-03-01 00:30:35.155148
But I saw that, the query expects data in a particular format Is it possible to import the data in our existing format or we need to transform it?
Hi Pooja, We support your existing db format. You'll just need to rename some columns in the query. Variation id can be a string, so if you JSON extract the experiment result from the Params, that would work.
cool, will try this out
Is there any documentation where we can see supported formats or sample data?
Since you can write your own SQL we support pretty much any data format. As long as you're able to select some experiment id, variation id, user id, and timestamp it will work.