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05/11/2022, 9:57 AM
Hi team, after playing around with Growthbook and researching other open-source solutions out there, I was hoping you guys could help me with this question. English's not my native language, so my apologies if my wording strikes the wrong tone. What do you perceive as `growthbook`'s strengths compared to, say, unleash ? It seems to me the latter is quite mature in terms of feature toggling, but not as focused on integrating with data analytics platform as growthbook. It also has quite a lot of permission + performance features built-in that
will probably want to adopt in the long run (project-specific, SSO, proxy cache etc.), so I guess it wouldn't be unfair for one to think why not go with the project that offers more.
Another question that I have is do you guys have an example/walkthrough showing the power of `growthbook`'s data analytics integration? I come from a dev background so the docs only make vague sense to me. My impression is you have experiments and then collect results in a tracking callback from users' devices. GB would then pull those data, perform some analysis that could then be viewed from the admin UI or exported. Would it be easy to connect GB to another source besides from the big 5 mentioned in the doc? My company uses
if that helps.


05/11/2022, 10:29 AM
Hi Thang, Unleash is a great feature flags product and, like you said, is more mature when it comes to permissions. Our philosophy with GrowthBook is to feel more like an internal platform you would build yourself as opposed to a 3rd party SaaS tool. So the setup and integration is more involved, but also much more flexible. Also, GrowthBook originally started as an A/B testing platform, so our experimentation and analytics are way beyond what Unleash offers. If you're going to be running experiments, GrowthBook saves you a ton of manual data analysis work. Unfortunately, we don't support Countly right now as a data source. They are based on MongoDB and we focus mostly on SQL data warehouses.


05/11/2022, 10:32 AM
Hey thanks for the detailed reply! I will gather some more feedback from my team to see where our needs are. Personally I've been enjoying using
for the small internal app that I'm in charge of. And its great to see all the activities happening in Slack as well.