Hi GB team :wave: I have a couple of questions: 1....
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Hi GB team 👋 I have a couple of questions: 1. Is it possible to split experiment results by more than one dimension? Currently we have to select one or another from the dropdown menu, right? That would be a very useful functionality for our analysts. 2. When creating Dimensions & Segments we can only query those with the
. Would it be possible to enable Dimensions & Segments also for
? Thank you very much!
We only support splitting by a single dimension right now. What you could do is define a dimension that's a combination of other ones. For example, you could have a "browser" dimension with things like
and another "browser_version" dimension with things like
chrome 98
We just added support last week for dimensions and segments based on other identifier types like anonymous id.
Thanks a lot Jeremy!
Hi Jeremy, my team is asking for an ETA on the second bullet - there's a very strong need to create dimensions and segments for anonymous_id. I couldn't find the support added last week on GitHub, could you share the link please? 🙏 thank you very much!
It was added as part of a bigger project - https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/313 On the latest GrowthBook build, when creating/editing a dimension or segment you can select the id type:
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Perfect, many thanks!