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@future-teacher-7046 Another question for you. Is it possible to track if a user is in multiple experiments? We are using the trackingCallback implementation with Segment shown in the React SDK docs. But when I look at the Segment events for a user who is in multiple experiments, I only see the experiment key for the first experiment they’re in.
It should fire the tracking callback multiple times, one for each experiment. Have you installed our Chrome devtools extension? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/growthbook-devtools/opemhndcehfgipokneipaafbglcecjia You can inspect each feature and see detailed logs about what rule it's using and why a value was assigned. My guess is that you aren't actually being included in one of the experiments.
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Hmm okay. The user is definitely in this experiment because they’re being shown a screen that is only accessible to users in the experiment but the key I’m seeing is related to another unrelated experiment.
I do see the callback fire more than once in some cases but the key is always for the first experiment
I am also logging the experiment and result in the trackingCallback and I only see information for the first experiment
Can you send me the JSON of the feature definitions?
This one is a simple on/off
At least the one that I’m not seeing tracking data for
The one that I am seeing the tracking info for is this:
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  "treatment": "video_carousel",
  "source": {
    "16x9": null,
    "19x9": null
Oh wait I think I see what it is. It doesn’t seem like tracking is fired for users in a force rule?
yes, it only fires if a user is in an experiment and randomly placed in one of the variations
Got it - that makes sense! That should work for us but I was just trying to test and view tracking for a specific test user.