Hello, I’m trying to add Growthbook on my react ap...
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Hello, I’m trying to add Growthbook on my react app for the first time. Is it possible to control the feature flags for a non-production environment? I noticed that on the GrowthBook portal, there is only a toggle for the
env. Is pointing my local env to a production build the only way I can test out the feature flags locally? Or could I add something to the portal to allow GrowthBook to manipulate the flags for any non-prod environment? Any insights will be appreciated. Thank you.
Hi Karen, under Settings you can add new environments
We also have a Chrome devtools extension that lets change feature values locally for development and QA
each environment can have its own set of override rules to serve the feature.
Thank you - I just added the
env and it seems like that was not the root cause of my issue. When I logged
, I’m seeing the following. I’m expecting
to be true when the feature flag is on, but that’s not the case. Any pointers on what I might be missing?
can you show a screen shot of your feature override rule?
from growthbook?
The source "unknownFeature" usually means the JSON definitions are not being loaded correctly into the SDK
That setup in GrowthBook looks fine. How are you fetching the features from the API and passing them into the SDK?
Your wording has helped me understand better what the
mean. I think I made a mistake on the configuration part. I’m going to look into that first and see if I can fix it. If not, I’ll come back here. Thank you so much.