Guys, in our test environment we mock our date and...
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Guys, in our test environment we mock our date and looks like this
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const now = new Date('2020-03-04T10:30:00.000Z');
But after adding growthbook the test environment just breaks, it stays loading forever. Is there anything in the library that relies on the date?
I don't believe there's anything in the SDK directly. Are you using
or anything to load features? It's possible the incorrect date is causing SSL to fail.
in the FE we use angular httpclient library, not fetch
ok, I think that would have the same SSL certificate issues. I would recommend mocking that request so your test doesn't depend on the network
I actually think is not growthbook, I had to do some changes to mixpanel and that one could be causing the issue, thanks for the info 🙂
yeap, it was mixpanel