Hi GB team~ We met a problem of user being assigne...
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Hi GB team~ We met a problem of user being assigned to different variations in this case: • User open our signup website first page which we identified user using the
• And we are running SSR to pre generate webpages for user which evaluate the GB feature result and send analytics event • Then user finished the signup and we identified user with new
• user will be assigned to another variation because the id changed from sessionID to userID. How can we make user always assigned with the same group? we still want to use userID as the identifier for GB because we want to keep user in the same group in our following backend service logic.
Hi Herb - Since we don’t store state internally in the SDK, there’s currently no way to include anonymous users in a test, but also persist for user ids across devices.
You could pass the sessionID around and use that to ensure consistent bucketing
ok. sounds like no way to solve this puzzle. thanks for clarify
There are work arounds
is there a way to exclude the old variation from the experiments query? for example 2 variation events was triggered. but we just want to keep the latest one in the experiments query