Hello all!! I just started using growthbook and we...
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Hello all!! I just started using growthbook and we successfully implemented a first metric. First conversions are coming in as you can see in the screenshot. But when I try to use this metric in an experiment, it tells me there is no data yet. Could someone help me with this or explain me what might be the reason for this? Thanks in advance!!
I have the same issue, does anyone have an idea?
On the data source settings page, can you edit your Experiment Assignment Query. Then click the "Test Query" button and see what's returned
To pull experiment results we join this Experiment Assignment Query with the metric. It looks like the metric is working by itself, so it's likely a problem with either the assignment query or the join between them.
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Hi @future-teacher-7046,thanks for your quick answer. It was indeed a problem in the assignment query, it didn't contain the corresponding data for the new test. Consider solved Thanks a lot!!
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