Hi Team, I was looking Growthbook website/documen...
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Hi Team, I was looking Growthbook website/documentation, so in future I can use this in my projects as per need. 1. If we are developing smartTV(Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS or Vizio TV) app in Reactjs or using other javascript library. Will Growthbook work on these TV apps? 2. XBOX One app in C#, Will Growthbook work in this?
Hi Krishna, Although we haven’t explicitly tested our code on those devices, the SDKs are pretty simple and should work fine. We have a c sharp sdk here: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook-c-sharp - though we haven’t tested this on xbox.
Growthbook will be used in space someday, ya heard it here first
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@fresh-football-47124 Thanks.