some questions: 1 - does growthbook know to get c...
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some questions: 1 - does growthbook know to get changes from redis? 2 - how can I copy my data ( features definitions) from one machine to another 3 - is any validation for the rules 4 - is there any event that the forced value is changed?
1. Not sure what you mean exactly 2. Right now, the only way is to export and import data from MongoDB 3. What kind of validation do you mean? 4. Nothing specific built in for this
For forced value and other ease of use setup, you can wrap gb client, that's what I'm looking at
But don't send forced value to analytics
If you are using the Javascript SDK and want to update your app when any feature value changes, you can use setRenderer (that's what the React SDK uses under the hood)
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growthbook.setRenderer(() => {
  // A feature has changed, re-render your app here