Hello, could you please help me debug the issue (o...
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Hello, could you please help me debug the issue (or point me somewhere) when setting up AWS Athena data source? I’ve just started Growthbook via docker-compose file from the documentation. When defining Athena data source, we’re getting (actually both me and my colleague)
The security token included in the request is invalid.
, although we’re filling freshly get credentials - outputs of
aws configure get stag.aws_access_key_id
aws configure get stag.aws_secret_access_key
is name of the profile) Thank you cc @thousands-park-56020
Are you using MFA for your AWS account by any chance?
IMHO not for AWS itself. We have company-wide SSO login to AWS account, but that should not influence these credentials - other services/tools (like boto or awscli) have no problem using the AWS credentials directly.
Is there a way how to provide also session token? Maybe that would help
There is not right now. If you are self hosting, you might be able to set the environment variable for session token.
I’ve set the environment variables for AWS credentials in the compose file but connection still fails. I’ve even mapped
file as volume to the container, no difference.