Hey all. I am just getting started with GrowthBook...
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Hey all. I am just getting started with GrowthBook and one thing I have been trying to find documentation wise is how best to deal with GrowthBook in automated tests. My initial use case I am focusing on is within a Flutter app. But I want to have a simple feature that is toggled on/off but in my automated tests related to it I want to be able to have at least two tests. One that verifies the behavior if it is toggled on and one that verifies the behavior if toggled off. So I need some way within my automated test suite to explicitly override the state of the toggle. I didn't see any documentation around this. Could someone point me to the docs related to this is simply give me an example? Thanks.
We support forcing feature values in many of our SDKs. Let me double check the flutter one to see if that's possible there.
Unfortunately, I don't think the Flutter SDK supports that right now. I can add that to our to-do list
Thanks so much
@future-teacher-7046 is there a GitHub issue or something I can follow for this feature?