Hi GB team! We're close to getting A/B testing fu...
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Hi GB team! We're close to getting A/B testing fully implemented. Currently implementing GA4 with a Firebase project but thinking if there's a quicker way without the scary thought of moving away from UA. Am I right in thinking you could have a function on your app push data into a db like BigQuery with just the barebones data needed since we already generate userIds. This would have the columns; userId, timestamp, experimentId, variantId and and event (the ones you want to track) and create the metric in the the dashboard from this data?
There are lots of ETL tools that can sync data from UA to a data warehouse. For example - AirByte (https://docs.airbyte.com/integrations/sources/google-analytics-universal-analytics/). Alternatively, you could add an additional event tracking call in your app in parallel with UA using a tool like Segment, RudderStack, or Jitsu.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I think we'll be moving away from UA it'll be deprecated soon. I'll have a look into those suggested but in the meantime, would what I suggested sill work? Thinking of it as a custom free version where you could select "Use Custom Source" until a decision is made for a more comprehensive tracking tool