Newbie question (I mostly have experience with fro...
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Newbie question (I mostly have experience with frontend technologies, but not so much with data warehouses / data management): 1. When using BigQuery as a data source, that means that GB simply writes the experiment results in BQ tables, and then retrieves that same data to visualize the reports? 2. What is the main benefit of formatting the data according to different schemas (say, GA4 as we are using it)? Is it to somehow used to integrate the experiment data with GA4 data (combine the tables(?)) for more comprehensive custom reports?
Hi Alex: 1. We actually read the data from BigQuery and store a copy of the aggregate results. The way the data gets into BigQuery is up to you- but if you’re using our SDKs we have a
method you can call. 2. The reason we ask for the event tracking first is that we can pre-populate the queries used. You can always change it at any point. (some of the schemas from some of the systems are complex)