Hi, I’m having trouble tracking conversions with a...
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Hi, I’m having trouble tracking conversions with a mixpanel datasource. From mixpanel I see my event as:
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  "event": "Conversion",
  "properties": { ... }
And I’m trying to track them with this setup, however it returns 0 results, when there should be at least 4
Is it my minimum sample size? “The number of conversions required in an experiment variation before showing results (default 150)”
you can set it to 0 or 1 to see all the data
you’re not seeing the data in an A/B test?
I see users being placed in my different test groups, but no conversions being tracked
can you see the conversion event data in mixpanel?
Yes, I see a few
what do you see on the experiment results?
I see users being sent to the groups, but no data for conversions
I think I had a double conditional or something
ah, okay, let me know if I want to jump on a call to figure it out
Thank you. I’ll poke around for a little while longer
Okay, Graham. Let me know when you are available for a call. 🙂