Hey, We're trying to integrate Growthbook into a N...
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Hey, We're trying to integrate Growthbook into a Nuxt.js app with anonymous users only. We currently use full page HTML cache in our CDN hosting service (Fastly), and we need to run Growthbook server side. The full page cache will not work with our current solution in which we use cookies for the
polyfill, and to persist the random ID used as
in the
function. We would like the find a solution where the full page cache will only cache the various combinations of Growthbook variations, and not cache for every unique user. Do you have an ideas as to how we can solve this?
I know fastly is very flexible on how pages are cached
one option would be to run GrowthBook SDK on fastly…
(haven’t tested that)
you could also set the cache keys to include the experiment and variation
so you don’t cache per user, but per experiment+variation
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into it and get back to you!