Hey team! :wave: We've recently started integratin...
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Hey team! 👋 We've recently started integrating Growthbook into our infrastructure, and we're facing a dilemma regarding how to support common flags across multiple services and apps. While creating SDKs bound to 'All Projects' is an option, we're concerned that the configuration file might grow too large, which could affect the performance of the client apps. Another approach we're considering is creating a gb-project for each service, with a shared project that will host any common flags. However, we'd like to be able to connect an SDK with multiple projects to support this scheme with one SDK per app. Currently, it's only possible to connect an SDK with one specific project or with 'All Projects.' Have you considered implementing this improvement? Thank you! 😊
Hi Kostas
We’ve been discussing ways to support this use case
That would be great @fresh-football-47124!