Hi! Quite the beginner here, but loving the tool s...
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Hi! Quite the beginner here, but loving the tool so far! I've got a question regarding how override rules of features work with experiments. I have a feature that should only be visible for user's that have signed up after a specific date. We've set up the override rules for the feature (attached image) so that the forced rule for users that have signed up earlier than the specific date is first and then we have the A/B test. Does this mean that even though we've "screened out" users with the forced rule, they might still end up in the control group of the A/B test, or are they automatically excluded from the A/B test? Note! I also just realized that I could do the same thing that we want to do with Segments (Can't believe I just realized it, had only been looking at saved groups....). Would it mess up the calulations if we would now change the experiment to use a new segment that includes only the users that have signed up after the specific date?
Hi Axel: ā€¢ Over ride rules are done in order, and if a rule matches (returns true) then no other rules are used. So they way you have it, you would be filtering out those users from the experiment ā€¢ You can use Segments to look at the same thing - however Segments apply after exposure, on the data analysis side. You would be filtering out the data to only include those users, which may or may not be what you want to do. ā€¢ If you apply both, but it is unlikely to change anything as the first targeted rule should have already excluded those users. It would not hurt to try though - changing things on the Analysis side is just affecting data reports, and you can just re-run the analysis.
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Thanks @fresh-football-47124 for your response! We actually ended up applying both and that seems to have given us the results we expected šŸ‘