Hi folks :wave: we at the Philadelphia Inquirer ar...
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Hi folks 👋 we at the Philadelphia Inquirer are looking to create Growthbook experiences based on user geo-location 🎯. Is anyone here doing that? If so, what mechanisms or tools are you using?
For client-side implementations, this is often done through a CDN. For example, your CDN might set a cookie with geo info for the current user. Then, in javascript you can read the cookie and set it as an attribute in GrowthBook. We're looking into adding geo attributes automatically in the future since it's such a common use case.
Thanks @future-teacher-7046! We’re waiting on feedback from our CMS vendor, who owns the relationship to the CDN. Meantime, do you have an expected timeline for when you might add location to Growthbook? Or even a “not before” date?