Hello, We are starting out with Growthbook experim...
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Hello, We are starting out with Growthbook experiments <>GA4 for A/B testing. We’ve added the tracking call back and are testing on a preproduction environment. We can now see the
event on the GA4 and and also with direct queries to BigQuery. However the experiment on Growthbook still returns “No data yet. Make sure your experiment is tracking properly.” I copied out the metric query to run directly on Bigquery and it only produces results when I remove one of the
_TABLE_SUFFIX BETWEEN '20230727' AND '20230802'
Could this be because my experiment data is all in the
table ?
Taking out the where clause in my experiment assignment solved this
glad its working
@fresh-football-47124 I’d appreciate your help here - I’m having an issue with setting up dimensions. Following the conversations I’ve seen on the slack group, I tried setting up dimensions from the dimensions tab and also from the Experiment Assignment Queries. Both give me the same result. The dimension I want to set is
(i.e mobile, desktop, other) . It’s from my device field which is struct.
"device": {
"category": "desktop",
"mobile_brand_name": "Apple",
"mobile_model_name": "Safari",
"mobile_marketing_name": null,
"mobile_os_hardware_model": null,
"operating_system": "Macintosh",
"operating_system_version": "Macintosh Intel###",
"vendor_id": null,
"advertising_id": null,
"language": "en-us",
"is_limited_ad_tracking": "No",
"time_zone_offset_seconds": null,
"browser": null,
"browser_version": null,
"web_info": {
"browser": "Chrome",
"browser_version": "115.0#####",
"hostname": ####
When I set the dimension, I get only one grouping, Mobile . I’ve queried the experiment viewed directly and i can see that there are mobile AND desktop users who viewed the experiment. So I’m not sure why the experiment result is only returning Mobile
we give the full SQL we use to get that data shown
I have a feeling that due to the very low sample sizes, and a possible interaction with the date range, you’re not seeing any other dimensions
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we give the full SQL we use to get that data shown
Yes I also see just one grouping when I query BQ directly. Okay. I will try with a larger sample size and if it doesn’t work I’ll resort to creating metrics for each device type. 🤞
Update: We rolled out the experiment on Friday and are getting the correct dimensions data. The issue must have been the low sample size as you mention Graham. Thank you