Hello, I’m just starting to use Growthbook. I’ve b...
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Hello, I’m just starting to use Growthbook. I’ve been able to correctly implement the experiment, but a question has come up. I would like the events I’m sending to Mix Panel to have a new parameter when the A/B test is presented to my customer. This way, I can track the people who saw the test and clicked on important buttons using Variant A or B. However, is there a way to filter this through Growthbook (perhaps using a funnel, for instance)? In this case, I’d like to count only after the initiation event has been triggered
I have spread some CTAs throughout my website. Essentially, what I need is, after the experiment is displayed, to track the clicks on CTAs that used Variant A and the clicks using Variant B. I want to generate metrics to determine which one was more effective. Does anyone have suggestions on how this is done using Growthbook?
This is essentially what the AB test is doing already: measuring the metric effects per cohort of users who are bucketed at time of experiment exposure. So when you view an AB test results, you're filtering the metric by each users who were exposed on the activation date per each variant. Apart from this, you can perform any additional event tracking on your end by using the
(for a JS reference, see here)