Hi folks. I'm trying to set up a proof of concept...
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Hi folks. I'm trying to set up a proof of concept using Docker in an Azure VM. Everything seems to work fine from localhost with the default configuration. However, when I update docker-config.yml with the following lines, I get errors. - APP_ORIGIN= - API_HOST= In this case, trying port 3100 via curl at either, localhost, or gives me "Connection refused". If I add only the API_HOST line and comment out APP_ORIGIN, I get the expected JSON response from an API call. However, then I can't connect to port 3000 via a browser as it wants both values set in docker-config.yml. This doesn't seem to be a networking/firewall issue as I get the same experience whether I'm making the curl calls from my local workstation or from the Azure VM. Any ideas? Am I misunderstanding something here? Thank you!
Hi Andrew, let me check with the team and get back to you
Hi Andrew, I wasn't able to come up with anything. Are you still having issues on your side? Any updates?
I gave up and switched the hosted version since that's what we'd probably use if we go live with this anyway.