hi growthbook. what’s the best way to create an ex...
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hi growthbook. what’s the best way to create an experiment in two environments? This is our workflow right now: 1. create feature flag and only toggle active in dev environment 2. create AB Experiment in dev environment 3. develop our code 4. when we’re ready to go live, click on the 3 dots in the dev experiment and
copy to prod
5. toggle feature active in prod This was working fine, but now the environment thats copied to (so prod in this case), no longer ever evaluates to the variant. It always returns the control. I recreated the steps but swapping dev and prod (so create in prod first and then copy to dev) and i see the same result. Using Growthbook devtools, I see the variant value. But when I log the result from
it, I see the control value.
I think this should be our expected flow as well. What are you using to test evaluating to the variant?
for this test i just grab the value and display different text. But no matter how many times i open a new private window, clear cache/cookies, etc, i never get the variant.
hmmm, i just tested again and now i do get the variant. maybe it was just really bad luck before? anyways, thank you.
Yeah it's totally possible that it was bad luck.
There's nothing I can see that would explain it otherwise, and it's why I asked about testing since I thought it might be in there!
We're also hoping to launch some more testing utilities within GrowthBook