Hi folks. Does anyone have any experience of AB te...
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Hi folks. Does anyone have any experience of AB testing Shopify with Growthbook? This relates to testing hosted Shopify, perhaps theme or product listing variations - not a headless site, I already have this working! I am wondering about writing a Shopify app to do this, or does something already exist?
Hi tom
that’s very cool
no, nothing like this exists currently - but if you want to write a post about it we would be happy to chat about ways we can boost it (or cross post)
perhaps we could also add something to the docs to help others with this use case?
Thanks Graham. Just to be clear, what I have working is headless Shopify in Nuxt/Vue, which closely follows the JS/Vue SDK docs. I am also exploring Shopify's offering for headless Hydrogen, and plan to implement GB in that too. Both of these are relatively straightforward though. Hosted Shopify presents some further challenges, but useful to know there is nothing already for this. I will ponder it further and report back!