Hello, I'm reading the NodeJS docs, and coming fr...
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Hello, I'm reading the NodeJS docs, and coming from LaunchDarkly, I was expecting to see some sort of
or other subscription-type API, to be informed of changes to feature flags for a project. The docs do mention that updates are streamed (using SSE) but don't quite spell it out. It looks like
might be the way to have some kind of callback fired when feature flag data changes (via streaming or
), is that assumption correct? (If I have somehow misread, or just missed, the documentation, please feel free to point that out.)
we have .on() methods - did you mean you want to tie into the event when on is true?
Ya, I think we could improve the docs around the methods
Sorry, I meant
in the
sense. Like a way to subscribe to changes in feature flag data.
I see
let me check with the team on that
I know we have an event for the experiment