Trying to create a new bigquery/ga4 data source, f...
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Trying to create a new bigquery/ga4 data source, followed the guide step by step, but getting this error when uploading the JSON key - only data viewer, metadata viewer and job user permissions were required in the setup guide.. Why am I getting access denied on jobs create permission?
Maybe I am stating the obvious here. That is a problem with BQ permissions.
Usually, these are the steps to fix
permission" error in BigQuery, follow these steps: 1. Double-check you're in the correct GCP project. 2. In GCP Console > "IAM & Admin" > "IAM": ◦ Find the user and click edit. ◦ Add the role
BigQuery Job User
BigQuery User
. 3. For scripts/apps, ensure the service account has the same roles. 4. Wait a bit after changes, as IAM updates can have a delay. 5. Ensure BigQuery API is enabled: "API & Services" > "Dashboard". 6. If there are org-level GCP policies, check with the admin.
Thanks. Just wondering, is the
permission the same as a
BigQuery Job User
permission? Because the Job user role has been added, and still getting the error..