Hi team, I've been looking at setting up permissiv...
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Hi team, I've been looking at setting up permissive feature flags for our clients. Currently, the only way I can think of doing it, is setting up override rules per feature basis, but that makes things a little messy, as we can have couple hundred rules on some features at some point. Is there a better way to manage that? Current approach: • featureA - Override rules for org1 and org2 to set value to enabled • featureB - override rules for org1, org2, org3...org40 • etc Then we would use attributes to resolve the feature state for org
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Question: Is there some logical grouping of organizations or does every org have their own unique set of permissions? If you are able to group organizations together, Saved Groups can help. For example, you can define an "Enterprise" group with 20 org ids and use that group in the targeting conditions for features. Then, if you need to add or remove a user from the group, every feature that references it will be updated automatically.
Ah, that would work, thank you