Hi Team, I'm trying to set up some metrics to pull...
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Hi Team, I'm trying to set up some metrics to pull through GA4 bounce rate, revenue per user, average order value etc so I can track changes based on experiments I'm carrying out. My two queries regarding this. 1. How would I go about adding bounce rate as a metric? 2. I've currently got AOV working in USD but I'm not sure how to get this conversion in to GBP. I'm using
event_value_in_usd as value
currently but when I try to pull through the
event parameter from my data layer I get an error
Unrecognized name: value
Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!
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Hi, I’ve got your support request in my queue and I’ll follow up as soon as I can
Hi, that's great thank you for the update 🙂
Just an update, I managed to fix point 2 by using:
This now pulls through the value in GPB. Still not sure how I can get a bounce rate percentage though.
Hello, Josh, thanks so much for your patience! Here is an example of a SQL query that produces the Bounce Rate for GA4/BigQuery:
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    user­_pseudo­_id AS anonymous­_id,
    MIN(TIMESTAMP­_MICROS(event­_timestamp)) as timestamp,
    concat(user­_pseudo­_id,(select <http://value.int|value.int>­_value FROM unnest(event­_params) WHERE key = 'ga­_session­_id')) as session­_id,
    countif(event­_name = 'page­_view') as views,
  ­*­*­* your table ­*­*­*
    ((­_TABLE­_SUFFIX BETWEEN '{{date startDateISO "yyyyMMdd"}}' AND '{{date endDateISO "yyyyMMdd"}}')
    OR (­_TABLE­_SUFFIX BETWEEN 'intraday­_{{date startDateISO "yyyyMMdd"}}' AND 'intraday­_{{date endDateISO "yyyyMMdd"}}'))
group by
HAVING views = 1
Please note that you will need to provide the name of the table you're using in BigQuery on this line:
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  ­*­*­* your table ­*­*­*