1. I have a website that is accessible through mul...
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3. I have a website that is accessible through multiple domains, and each domain may have its own configuration and unique traffic. In Google Optimize, I used separate containers for each domain and ran tests independently. What are the best practices in GrowthBook for conducting the same experiments on multiple domains, especially when each domain has a separate GA4 account and its own analytics system?
You can do this a number of ways. Probably easiest is with one project per site. You can then tie the metrics and data sources per project
you can also use environments per site too
or leave it as ‘production’
(ie, don’t do both projects and environments)
One of the biggest drawbacks in Optimize was the absence of a feature to duplicate experiments from one container to another. I had to create experiments from scratch whenever I wanted to test something across multiple markets. How does this work when using projects and environments in GrowthBook?
we have a way to copy features
Do these copy apply in both of the ways you mentioned above?
We don't currently have a way to duplicate an entire environment or an entire project, but you can copy features.